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Soul in my Shoes - ebook
A journey where normal rules do not apply
By Robin Taylor

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Purple Parrot Publications
September 2006

Robin shares the experience of journeying with her Soul while attempting to unravel what it was all about. It's a story of a particular time in her spiritual journey when her Soul, in the guise of a guide, took her on a path where she experienced telepathy for the first time and encountered tarot and channelling in extraordinary ways. There are those of us who know we have been here before, that the Soul is eternal, and that we are here for a purpose.
But the human Self has no memory of the Soul's history, and Robin now believes that connection to one's Soul is the human Self's major challenge.

This engaging memoir has its humour and its sadness. Interweaving the mystery of a telepathic connection to a soulmate and Robin's determination to convince the soulmate to meet her face to face, is the knowledge she received from her Soul and a higher Source and her questioning of that time. She also shares the lessons learnt from her Soul about Self, trusting one's inner voice, and the difference between human logic and spiritual knowing. While writing this book Robin was told: "Here is a wonderful opportunity to show others that journeys are complex. To remember and understand the process is the challenge."


Born in Sydney, Australia, Robin Taylor is a healer and writer. The knowledge she channels plus her own life experiences have taught her that the physical body's health depends on the wellness of the Self's four aspects: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, and her healing guides and supports the quest for self-empowerment, balance and wellbeing in others. Robin lives in Central Victoria on ten acres of old gold mining country in need of healing. She finds the time to write despite the constant calling of the land and returning wildlife. She has a Masters degree in Creative Arts (Writing) and has taught university short courses, undergraduate courses, community courses and writing workshops.

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