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Review by Joanne Lock:
Spheres The Spirit Guide Magazine Issue #17

I often encounter Spheres readers who are experiencing what I like to call a 'rapid phase of personal spiritual development'. For some, increased awareness comes through unexpected visions, visitations or events that are new and sometimes difficult to deal with. Often, there is a very rapid opening of the third eye, and the subject is inundated with channelled information which can be confusing and hard to process.

Robin Taylor's new book, Soul in my Shoes, is a very personal account of the difficulties and joys she encountered in opening up to her higher self. Robin shares many sage and witty insights in the telling of her story - many of which were channelled from her soul in the guise of spirit guides, prompting a period of intense reflection on her experiences and life choices.

This is a gentle, wise and very enjoyable book, and the central message is a time-honoured one: to find true healing and honest answers to life's questions, we must take responsibility for our own journey. Soul in my Shoes provides many valuable insights for the reader who is ready to 'take the rudder' and navigate their own spiritual journey. A great read!

Feedback from readers of Soul in my Shoes.

"I couldn't put it down for long. What a journey!! I loved the telling, the honesty, the wisdom"
J.D. Coffs Harbour NSW.

"I've read your book and it's just so wonderful. So honest. And I think that honesty brings about a beautiful piece of work".
D.B. Yapeen Vic.

"Soul in my Shoes speaks to many ways of beingness as the human mediating and becoming the spiritual in a life lived. It also speaks of the courage and the tests one faces in living that life.The weave of the story is eloquent and demanding. There is such compassion, confrontation, love, insight, challenge and honesty. It will challenge many people and many belief systems. Robin takes us on a telepathic journey with three elements, herself, her higher self, and Ayna/Cat and where they meet, end and begin and end again are all intruiging. As we follow these intersections and journeys we are introduced to pearls of wisdom. Also, Robin as protagonist, leads us to new windows in which to look and see the so-called obligations and have-to's of life, showing us a new path that does not struggle with these pressures but that let's go of them and goes BEYOND them".
Y.W. Darlighurst NSW



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