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About Robin
Robin became a Reiki practitioner in 1992. She stopped ignoring and started using her psychic abilities not long after. Her connection with the Aventurine crystal happened in 1994 and it is the only crystal Robin uses in her healing. She also channels the use of vibrational essences for those she heals, using Shell Essences and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Robin calls herself a vibrational healer and honors the opening to healing Reiki has given her.

Robin’s own life experiences have taught her that the physical body's health depends on emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, that negative thinking is a waste of time, and that looking after self is not selfish. Her healing guides and supports this quest for self-empowerment and wellbeing in others.

Writing is another important activity in Robin’s life which has its own healing qualities. She encourages the use of writing for healing, believing it is another way to bring to the light the beauty and power of Self. Robin looks for ways we can reclaim our language and power in our quest for Self through personal writing, for in speaking our truth to ourselves we can re-discover our voice.

Robin has a Masters degree in Creative Arts (Writing)
and has taught university short courses, under-
graduate courses, community courses and writing
and healing workshops.

Robin is available for talks, and workshops.

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